Fun and interactive Incursions and Workshops

lead by engaging and highly motivated staff

Looking for fun incursions to extend your student's knowledge in a certain STEM subject?. Our incursions and workshop sessions are informal, hands-on learning. We encourage students to actively participate and allow them to extend their knowledge in the areas of interest. We have engaging and open discussions on  STEM concepts and use various media to reinforce learning. We provide opportunities for students to “think with their hands” to construct meaning and understanding.

Our excursions are led by our highly trained, engaging and highly motivated staff.

Duration: 1-2hr

If you would like a customized incursion please contact us.

Painting Eggs


Ages 3-6

Hands-on inquiry-based STEM workshops and incursions for pre-school children aligned to the ELY framework

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Ages 6-16

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum we provide fun and engaging incrusions and  workshops.

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Vacation Care/OSHC

Ages 6-13

Fun and interactive workshops and incursions for vacation care and afterschool care.

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