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If you’re looking for some exciting activities for your children to do during the school holidays, join one of our popular school holiday programs! We have a variety of hands-on learning enrichment activities to motivate children in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics subjects.

The programs offer daily hands-on discovery and exploration, outdoor games, and experiments. Children get the opportunity to create, build, and assemble various take-home projects.


We encourage public speaking. 

Provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate creative thinking

Work through the engineering design process

Develop skills in how to work effectively in teams


Our holiday programs are created and delivered by industry professionals and qualified teachers. We provide children with the opportunity to grow and learn from new experiences.

December 2023- Holiday Program Schedule

Junior Programs K-5, 6-7

Youth Programs 8-13

Junior Holiday Programs
Code Camp: Game Lab

Fun Half-day or Full day  coding workshop suitable for preschool and lower primary students

STEM Explorer Camps

2 days of fun and Interactive, hands-on activities covering science, coding, design and engineering

Minecraft Education Workshops

Join us for a full day of learning to code with Minecraft Education Edition and multidisciplinary.

Youth Holiday Programs
Youth Technology Camps

A 2-day hands-on Engineering & Technology camp exploring various emerging technologies


Special 1 Day workshop Mathematics applied in a business context, enhanced entrepreneurial skills, and an inspiration to explore the realms of business and innovation with a mathematically creative mindset.

Roblox Coding Camp

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Learn to code or improve your skills. We teach Lua, Scratch, Python, CSS/Javascript


Digital Art & Math

Special 1 Day workshop Dive into a world where pixels and patterns collide, unveiling a canvas where creativity knows no bounds. Explore algorithms, geometric shapes, and fractals as the keystones in composing visually captivating digital art.

Robotics & Coding Camps

Electronics and CS Projects using Arduino, Lego, VEX and BBC Microbits

Great for young Inventors and Makers

Diving in the Reef

Special 1 Day workshop invites curious minds on a captivating journey beneath the waves, exploring the breathtaking diversity of marine life and the vast, dynamic ocean ecosystems. Experience the wonder of underwater worlds, from the shimmering shores teeming with life to the enigmatic depths where the ocean’s giants roam. Uncover the secrets of the sea, 

Holiday Programs Media Gallery

Youth Technology Camp Sep 2022

Youth Technology Camp Dec 2021

Youth Technology Camp Sep 2021

Youth Technology Camp Apr 2023

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