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Our Innovative Learning Pathways
Online/Classroom/ Small groups
lessons and workshops in Technology, Math, English & Science 

Our STEM programs provide a multidisciplinary learning experience integrating various science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. Through online and hands-on projects and collaborative teamwork, students develop critical skills needed for success in these fields. We aim to inspire and empower students to pursue their passions and excel in their future careers.

Technology & Innovation


Learn Robotics and Coding, Electronics, Game design, Animation and other emerging technologies such as AI & machine learning to help develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills, essential for success in the digital age

Science  Exploration


From Biotechnology to Space exploration, the Science and Innovation pathway introduces students to various Science and technology concepts & solutions to real-world problems


Math & Finance

A strong foundation in mathematics and an understanding of finance can help students excel in computer science and develop financial literacy.

Tutoring Formats

In class - Group Tutoring

Weekly 2-hour sessions covering 4 subjects - Mathematics, English , Science and Technology. 8 Sessions per term

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Gold Coast Australia Locations:

Upper Coomera, Robina, Oxenford,Southport

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Online Tutoring

Weekly 40 min intensive sessions with our amazing online teachers. Select one or all 3 subjects.  Book a free 30 min class. One on One or small groups. 

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Self Paced Courses

A Series of special self-paced courses are available for students to complete at their own pace.

Coming soon

Group Tutoring in- Class 

In our term programs, we teach three main subjects in 2 hour weekly sessions:

Mathematics (40mins)

Science (40mins)

Digital Technologies (40mins)


only $44/class/hour

​​Prep - Year 9

Each class is 2.5 hours long, and each subject lasts 40 minutes. Parents are to drop the children off and pick them up after the 2-hour session.

 A free placement assessment is done for Mathematics on the first day.

**Aligned to Australian Curriculum.

Gold Coast Locations: Oxenford/Upper Coomera/Southport/Robina

​Enrolments & Placement Assessments 

Enrolments are done via our website. We have several flexible payment options available. A 10% discount is given for multi-term enrolments. Payment methods we accept:

  • Credit card/Debit Card

  • Paypal

  • Afterpay

  • Direct Debit

  • Account transfer from banks

2.5 hour sessions - $88/Lesson 

Each student will be issued a workbook/journal upon enrolment, and all login details will be on their workbooks.

The placement assessments for mathematics and english are done on the first day of the term.

If a student misses a lesson, we will issue a make-up class pass, and the student can do a catch-up class during the term or the next.


What To Bring

Students are expected to bring the following:

  • Own Laptop or tablet

  • Well-stocked pencil case

  • Issued workbook and homework for the week

  • Extra snack/Lunch​


Expectations from Students

In our Coaching programs, we expect students to:

  • Arrive on time

  • Listen to the educator.

  • Respect other students and teachers.

Expectations from Parents
  • Parents are expected to encourage the students to finish homework for the week.

  • Sign-in and sign-out are required at the start and finish of the session.

Our Content and Curriculum

Highly experienced educators and industry professionals design the curriculum. All our tuition lessons are aligned with the ACARA curriculum. We also use various other reputable learning platforms for delivering the three subjects. Our teaching materials are regularly updated and enhanced to conform to the school curriculum. The program is a little ahead of most schools and is particularly tailored for learners looking to enhance, expand, extend, and speed up their studies.

Digital Technologies

Our Digital technologies platforms use:

VEX Robotics, LEGO Mindstorms, BBC Microbits, Arduino and more.​​

Coding languages we teach

Scratch, Blockly, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML​

We also offer Cyber security activities that cover curriculum topics such as cryptography and data transmission from year 5 onwards. In addition, students learn cyber safety activities that teach digital literacy regarding social media, passwords, and scams. Students also get the opportunity to participate in coding challenges.


Our mathematics tuition closely follows the Australian Curriculum. The free placements assessment ensures that your child is put into the program that matches your ability rather than the year level. The multi-sensory mathematics program encourages children to see mathematics's practical side.

Online assessments and activities

Workbook activities

Math games and puzzles

Speed test


Our science tuition programs are highly engaging, and students get to explore subjects in the curriculum and extended topics. The activities are hands-on and interactive. Topics we cover

Earth and Space Science

Physical Science

Chemical Science

Biological Science

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Online Tutoring

All our staff are experienced,  tertiary-qualified educators and STEM professionals. We are passionate about STEM education and aim to provide students with the highest quality programming and delivery.

40 min Sessions 1 or 2 x a week

only $55/class one-on-one

Technology Class

Online Coding & Tech

Fun Coding and Technology lessons via Zoom. Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Solving Math Problem

Online Mathematics Tutor

Weekly 40 min intensive math tutoring sessions with our amazing online teachers. Prep - Year 9 

Test Tubes

Online Science Tutor

Fun and engaging science lessons with our experienced teachers.

Self Paced Courses

Technology & Innovation



Junior Courses(6+)

Senior Courses (12+)

Coming soon

Science  Exploration



Junior Courses(6+)

Senior Courses (12+)

Coming soon


Math & Finance


Junior Courses(6+)

Senior Courses (12+)

Coming soon

Photo Gallery
What Parents Say about our tutoring program

" My child has shown remarkable improvement in grades and problem-solving abilities.  I highly recommend it to any parent seeking good tutoring for their child." 

Sarah,L Parent

"The one-on-one attention and personalised approach have immensely helped my child grasp difficult topics and build a strong foundation in STEM subjects. ."

Jessica M., Parent

"The tutors' patience, dedication, and ability to tailor lessons to my child's needs have significantly boosted their understanding and performance.  I am  grateful for the positive impact this program has had on my child"

Michael H., Parent

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