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Looking for fun incursions to extend your student's knowledge in a certain STEM subject? Our incursions and workshop sessions are informal, hands-on learning. We encourage students to actively participate and allow them to extend their knowledge in the areas of interest. We have engaging and open discussions on  STEM concepts and use various media to reinforce learning. We design opportunities for students to “think with their hands” to construct meaning and understanding.

Our incursions are facilitated by a team of engaging and highly motivated staff.

Schools, Kindergartens, OSHC, and Vacation Care Centres

Duration: 1-2hr

Cost: $15-$18/student (up to 30 students per 1 hr session)

If you would like a customised incursion, please contact us.

Our Themed workshops have received support from Advance Queensland

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Our Incursions
Incursions 2

Pre-School Incursions

We have a great Pre-school STEM program that encourages our youngest students to be curious about Science at an early age.​


School/Vacation Care/OSHC

Choose from a wide range of special STEM topics for an informal hands on learning experience​. 


Workshops/Special Events

Our unique workshops include Girl Coders, Math Bootcamps, Science in the Park and many more.

Pre-School Incursions

Our preschool Incursions are available in two formats. Each themed topic has multiple activities.

40min- 1hr Incursions

Annual Kindy STEM Program (weekly 40 min, 4 sessions on each theme)

Planet Earth

Let's explore our incredible planet Earth. We look at its physical and chemical makeup. We will also investigate some aspects of this planet's atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere! 

Mini Robots

Children will learn how to build small robots using materials such as Legos, cardboard, or wood. They will also learn about the different components of robots.

Wonderful Water

Explore the amazing properties of water through some fun hands-on activities. We learn about some of the basic properties and characteristics of water.


 Investigate the invisible and mysterious world of Microbiology. We will explore and learn about the big influence of these tiny organisms with activities delivering a different perspective about our world. The activities include a hand hygiene demonstration.


Dive into the world of prehistoric creatures that lived millions of years ago. We explore fossils, dinosaur classifications, diet and habits, and more. 

Mini Engineers

 Children explore basic concepts of chemical, civil and mechanical engineering. The incursions are fun engineering-related activities and challenges for young minds to explore

Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is fascinating and we are so lucky to have such a diverse range of amazing animals. This incursion looks at the animal kingdom including classifications, habitat, diets and more.

Super Slime

Polymers are everywhere in our daily life, from plastics to our DNA. In this popular incursion, we have fun making slime and snow. We explore various types of polymers that exist in our everyday life both man-made and natural.

Kindy STEM Photos
School/Vacation Care/OSHC Incursions

Session Duration: 1-2 hr session ​, $15/hour/student

Earth and Space Science
Planet Earth

Let's explore our incredible planet Earth. We look at its physical and chemical makeup. We will also investigate some aspects of this planet's atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere! Students investigate the earths unique positioning in the solar system. We also investigate  gravity, centripetal force, earths unique spheres, size and positioning in the solar system

Years: 1-3, 4-6

Mission to Mars

Mars has been a topic of many conversations in recent years. It is a fascinating planet, as it is icy cold and covered with reddish dirt and dust. Like Earth, Mars shelters volcanoes, gullies, and flat plains. Students investigate the unique features of Mars.Understand the challenges we will face in order to make Mars a habitable planet

Years: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9

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Return to the Moon

Students will focus on Aerospace Engineering and how space flight has been achieved through an engineer's eyes. They'll build and launch a model rocket to learn about the forces around rockets, Newton's Laws, as well as other principles or challenges of actual space vehicle launches.

Years: 3-6

Blast off!

Explore of the fundamentals of flight that will ignite curiosity and take students on an exhilarating journey through the wonders of aerodynamics. Embark on hands-on activities that will have you experimenting with the forces of lift, thrust, and drag. Construct your own model rockets and launch them into the sky, witnessing the principles of propulsion in action

Years: 1-3, 4-6

Physical & Chemical Science
Light and Sound

Students investigate the characteristics of light and sound through sensory methods. We look at the main characteristics of light and sound and conduct practical hand-on activities and demonstrations to reinforce the behaviour of light and sound as both particles and waves

Years: 1-3, 4-6

States of Matter 

A fun incursion designed to explore the 3 main states of matter. Solids, liquids and gases are explored using creative games, demonstrations and hands-on activities. We also investigate materials that act as both liquids and solids. Students get the opportunity to reflect on the concepts and the end of the session

Years: 1-3, 4-6

Star String Lights

Unravel the mysteries of circuits, explore the power of conductors and insulators, and discover how electricity powers our modern world. From understanding the fundamentals of electrical currents to constructing their own circuits, 

Years: 3-6,7-9

Fun with Polymers 

Polymers are everywhere in our daily life from plastics to our DNA. The term polymer is often used to describe plastics, which are synthetic polymers. However, natural polymers also exist; rubber, wood, and even DNA. A fun incursion looking at various types of polymers including slime! 

Years: 1-3, 4-6

Biological Science
Micro Villans & Heros

This fun incursion involves investigating the invisible and mysterious world of Microbiology. We will explore and learn about the big influence of these tiny organisms with activities delivering a different perspective about our world. STEM Concepts explored: bacteria, viruses, microbiology & epidemiology


The human body is complex and amazing it is the most extraordinary machine in the world. This incursion will explore some interesting facts about the human body, by exploring several systems such as the circulatory system, digestive system, skeletal system, nervous system and more.

Image by Immo Wegmann
Forensic Science

Step into the world of forensic science and participate in some fun Science and Technology activities. Understand and learn how cutting-edge developments in science and technology are applied to investigations and how to evaluate evidence and think like a forensic scientist.

Image by ANIRUDH
Genetics & Heredity

Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of genetics and heredity, where kids delve into the mysteries of DNA, explore inheritance patterns, and discover the remarkable ways in which science and technology unravel the secrets of our genetic makeup. 

Technology & Engineering
Mini Bots

The robotics industry is growing at a rapid rate. It has evolved from simple assembly line machines to more complex, intelligent systems that can help the military and police as well as for use in medical research and development. In this incursion, students design and build a mini bot using simple electronics components.

Years: 1-3, 4-6

Code Breakers

Cryptography — the science of secret writing is an ancient art; the first documented use of cryptography in writing dates back to circa 1900 B.C. This incursion is a fun cryptic challenge for budding Cyber security enthusiasts and mathematicians. We have 5 rounds of challenges including Cipher techniques, Number Phrases, texting, Transposition, Pencil Code, Binary and Error Checking.

Years: 3-6,7-9

digital bling2
Digital Bling

Bring out the inner fashionista! we design and build cool wearable electronic accessories. This is a hosted Maker space workshop that looks at basic circuit theory


Years: 1-3, 4-6


Microsoft Hacking STEM Projects are highly engaging  workshops that look at biomedical engineering and data visualisation. Using small microcontrollers we build sensors to detect movement and emulate a human hand. Choose from several workshops:

  • Brain Impact Simulator

  • Robotic Hand

Years: 6-10

AURA (3).png
AI & Machine Learning

Most of us imagine an army of human-like robots rebelling against humanity, while a few—folks from a more positive thinking community—are envisioning a bright future .This incursion looks at the advancements of AI and Machine Learning and students explore some fun AI activities

Years: 6-10

Coding: Game Lab

An exciting and immersive coding incursion where young learners unleash their creativity and develop their coding skills through Scratch's fun and interactive platform. Throughout this camp, students will journey to create their own games, animations, and interactive stories while learning fundamental coding concepts like loops, conditionals, and variable

Years: 1-3, 4-6

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Awsome Engineering

Join us as we dive into the past and journey through history to revisit engineering feats and explore some of our modern-day engineering marvels. From projectile weaponry, pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, Burj Kahlifa to the International space station. We look at the important role engineering has played in our everyday lives. The workshop explores the engineering design process and students participate in some fun challenges.

Years: 1-3, 4-6

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Robotics & Coding

A series of popular interactive incursions designed for young robotics and coding enthusiasts.  We offer robotics activities in various platforms and programming languages.

  • Minecraft Coral Reef Rescue

  • Vex Robotics (GO and IQ) Labs

  • Lego Mindstorms & Lego Wedo Labs

  • BBC: Microbit Labs

  • Arduino: Labs

Years: 3-6,7-10

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