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Our incursions are facilitated by our experienced staff who are engaging and highly motivated. 

Schools, Kindergartens, OSHC, and Vacation Care Centres

Duration: 1-2hr

Cost : $13-$15/student (up to 30 students per 1 hr session)

If you would like a customised incursion please contact us.

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The robotics industry is growing at a rapid rate. It has evolved from simple assembly line machines to more complex, intelligent systems that can help the military and police as well as for use in medical research and development. In this incursion, students design and build a mini bot using simple electronics components.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


Microsoft Hacking STEM Projects are highly engaging half-day workshops that look at biomedical engineering and data visualization. Using small microcontrollers we build sensors to detect movement and emulate a human hand. Choose from several workshops:

  • Brain Impact Simulator

  • Robotic Hand

  • Party Lights

  • FarmBeat

Cogs in the Machine


Cryptography — the science of secret writing is an ancient art; the first documented use of cryptography in writing dates back to circa 1900 B.C. This incursion is a fun cryptic challenge for budding code breakers and mathematicians. We have 5 rounds of challenges including Cipher techniques, Number Phrases, texting, Transposition, Pencil Code, Binary and Error Checking.



A series of popular interactive incursions designed for young robotics and coding enthusiasts.  We offer robotics activities in various platforms and programming languages.

  • Minecraft Coral Reef Rescue

  • Vex Robotics (123,GO and IQ) Labs

  • Lego Mindstorms and Lego Wedo Labs

  • BBC: Microbit Labs

  • Arduino: Labs

Car Sketch


Join us as we dive into the past and journey through history to revisit engineering feats and explore some of our modern-day engineering marvels. From projectile weaponry, pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, Burj Kahlifa to the International space station. We look at the important role engineering has played in our everyday lives. The workshop explores the engineering design process and students participate in some fun challenges.

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Most of us imagine an army of human-like robots rebelling against humanity, while a few—folks from a more positive thinking community—are envisioning a bright future where AI serves them in all possible ways from walking a dog early in the morning when the weather is unpleasant to peeling tangerines at Christmas.



Bring out the inner fashionista! we design and build cool wearable electronic accessories. This is a hosted Maker space workshop that looks at basic circuit theory.



With the increasing popularity of virtual reality and AR. Virtual Spaces have become a place where the future can be explored. VR, AR, and mixed reality enable people to live and work in a virtual universe that feels like our physical world. This is the result of advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Students explore these technologies and discuss what the future would look like. In this incursion, we explore the basics of these emerging technologies.

Weekend STEM CLUB- drones and droids  #s


Understand the basics of Drone (Aerial robotics) Technology. Build a quadcopter drone and fly it! Understand simple circuits, Build a Droid using modular electronics. Play, create and program mini-robots. Program robots with both block-based and text-based code.

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