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Introduction AI & Machine Learning

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In an increasingly digital world, understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is becoming a crucial skill for the future. This course is designed to introduce children aged ten and above to the fascinating world of AI and ML in a fun, accessible, and engaging manner. Over the course of six self-paced online modules, students will explore what AI and ML are, how they work, and their implications for our society. The course begins with an overview of AI, its history, types, and everyday examples. Then, it delves into Machine Learning, explaining how machines learn from data and apply this knowledge to make predictions or decisions. Students will learn about the different types of data and how it's used in AI, and get a basic understanding of the algorithms that power these technologies. Notably, the course is not just theoretical – students will also get a hands-on introduction to AI and ML tools and create their own simple AI models. Finally, students will look towards the future, discussing potential applications of AI and ML, their role in future jobs, and the ethical considerations surrounding these technologies. Each module includes engaging lessons, interactive activities, and quizzes to ensure understanding and retention. This program will enhance their digital literacy and stimulate their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The future is filled with possibilities, and this course aims to empower kids to b

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