Understanding robotics requires various skills such as mechanics, electronics and coding. Our robotics courses have three levels, where students can progress through at their own pace. The foundation level caters for students who have little or no knowledge of robotics. The beginner level is for students with some knowledge of electronic circuits and has understood basic wheeled or manipulation robots. The advanced level is for students who have a solid understanding of the electronics and mechanics involved in basic robotics.

**Aligned to the Australian Digital Technologies, Science  and Mathematics curriculum

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Level 1, Ages 7+

4 week program ,2 hr per week


Understanding robotics requires various skills such as mechanics, electronics, and coding. The focus in this course is electronics and several other skills such as. Basic circuit design, error checking, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Basic electronics is a crucial skill to have in order to develop an understanding in robotics. This course will provide a good foundation for building a complex robotic system in the future. Students get introduced to the fundamentals of the technology in the real world. Students explore the basics in electronics concepts such and current, voltage, resistance, and components, such as LEDs, motors, switches, and power sources.

We will build various interesting real-world circuits and gadgets to develop an understanding into the world of electronics.

VEX IQ , BBC Micro Bit, and Little Bits 


2 Locations

Robina and Upper Coomera Gold Coast


Level 2, Ages 7+

4 week program , 2 hr per week

This course provides students an insight into the mechanics of robotics. The course builds on the foundation level and students use the engineering design process to construct a functioning robot with electrical and mechanical components. The course will provide students with skills in mechanical design, engineering design process, mathematics, critical thinking and problem-solving.

We learn about the six simple machines, gears, pulleys, levers, wedges, inclined planes, and wheel/axel. We also explain physics concepts such as torque, speed, acceleration, gear ratios, and more in a hands-on and practical way.

Students will explore basic structures and components required to build a working robot and learn about batteries, motors, microcontrollers, mechanical frames and stability.

VEXIQ Curriculum or Micro:bit

2 Locations

Robina and Upper Coomera Gold Coast


Level 3, Ages 13+

4 week program , 2 hr per week

This course is designed for students that are competent in electrical and mechanical systems involving basic robotics. The course builds on the foundation and beginner level and is introduced to open-source programmable robots.

Students will build several robots that can be programmed and controlled using Arduino. They will also understand robot systems, integration of AI, and investigate various types of sensors.