Looking for educational activities for your children to do in the weekends? Enrol your child in one of our STEM Programs. If your child is interested in any subject in STEM, the program will help them excel in their areas of interest. Our programs are not class room style learning, rather, hands-on facilitated discovery and guidance. 

**Aligned to the Australian Digital Technologies, Science  and Mathematics curriculum

If you would like a customised course for a group of students, please contact us.

Drawing Time

Level 1, Ages 4-6

6 week program each term , Mondays & Saturdays 11am-12pm

Designed for young curious minds. Hands on discovery through experimentation and exploration.We bring together Science, coding, robotics and engineering concepts to children ages 4-6 in a fun and mostly screen free environment. Learn about viruses and bacteria, personal hygiene and microbiology.Create music with everyday objects, incorporate mathematical patterns to make craft. volcanoes, pop rockets and lots of fun engineering challenges. Adults to accompany children.


Level 2, Ages 7-10

6 week program each term, Saturday 11am-12pm

Program is designed to enrich students, in all aspects of STEM. We bring together physics, biology, chemistry, coding, mathematics, robotics and engineering concepts. We learn about electronic circuits and basic circuit design. Structures and simple machines. Deconstruct machines,toys and build cool, useful gadgets. Project based and practical application of key STEM concepts.

Computer Class

Level 3, Ages 11-16

6 week program each term, Saturday 10am-12pm, Gold Coast

Students are given challenging projects in an integrated approach to finding solutions to real world problems. We simulate real world problems and students come up with solutions using technology and engineering. From natural disasters, plastic pollution to fashion, we explore how technology can help solve global problems. We also integrate Electronics, Introduction to artificial intelligence, Robotics, ethics and Biomedical Science,


Ages 8-16

Level 1 - 3 (Foundation to Advance)

Learning robotics does not have to expensive and time consuming. We have several age appropriate Robotics courses developed for hands-on learning and build from scratch. We offer 3 levels, foundation,  beginner and advance. Students will also work towards entry to National and International Robotics Challenges.

Female Student

Ages 8-16

6 weeks each term, 10am-12pm

Real world problem solving using mathematics

A truly practical mathematics course, to help students with their future financial goals. We learn about saving, budgeting, value for money, how mortgages work, how loans work, Assets and liabilities and how to construct a balance sheet. Understand patterns and variations, statistical process control and more. Students can also bring their homework or  home projects and get assistance during the sessions