As robotics become more accessible, it's important that we teach children the skills they need to be involved in the future. Our robotics and coding courses now offer a great curriculum that will ensure continuity from kindergarten to university. We will predominantly follow the VEX robotics ecosystem and also introduce students to various other platforms as they progress through their learning journey. The program provides various aspects of computer science, engineering and coding knowledge for all ages. It is a fully supported hands-on program that encourages students to pursue STEM field careers in the future.

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**Aligned to the Australian Digital Technologies, Science  and Mathematics curriculum

If you would like a customised course for a group of students, please contact us.

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VEX robotics platform

  • The program will be delivered through weekly STEM labs in which students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each unit.

  • Our Robotics club students will also be able to participate in, in-class competitions and national competitions.

  • Our teachers are Tertiary qualified and certified educators with great experience in STEM education.

  • Students work in collaborative groups to solve real-world problems and investigate real-world phenomena

  • The students create actual functioning products with the help of a facilitator

  • Project-based learning as well as instructed learning methods